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My name is Alena Milos, and I am a sound designer and technician. My passion mainly lies in designing and mixing musicals, but I've also worked on a number of other types of projects including plays and concerts, and have just as much fun! I have always been drawn to creativity, whether that be music, art, or performance. It's the collaborative effort to create something meaningful that is what really draws me to theatre. I have always felt that people are able to connect to sound in a unique way. As I've progressed through my career, gaining an understanding of how to use this to reach an audience has been one of my favorite things. All of the problem-solving, implications, and techniques that go into making a show sound as good as possible are all very exciting to me. The more I learn the more I realize that when it comes to sound, you never stop learning!

My Work

I most recently worked as A1 at The Music Hall for Ogunquit Playhouse's production of The Sound of Music. Getting to work with a rental package, work with the house audio team, work through the challenges that came with mixing The Sound of Music, and explore Maine was a ton of fun!


I recently graduated from the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music(CCM) with a B.F.A in sound design. CCM produces several musicals, plays, dances, operas, and other projects each year. For each of these, we go through a full prep, load-in, tech, and strike process all led by the students on that show. While there I had the opportunity to work on many different shows in many different positions, but some of my favorites were designing Cinderella and Boom, assistant designing Blue Stockings, and being the A1 on Pippin.

While at UC, I also earned a certificate in Deaf Studies. Through that, I was able to gain understanding of the Deaf Community and Deaf Culture, as well as conversational ability with ASL. I love the idea of using theatre as a way to bridge the hearing and Deaf communities, and I hope to pursue that throughout my career.

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Shows Special to Me!

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