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4th and Vine


Project Director: Richard Hess

4th and Vine Writers/Directors: Cyrus Fontenot, Rachel Jones, Rin Wallace, Reid Robison, Julianna Weis-Palacios, Kevin Naddeo

4th and Vine was a part of the Phoenix Project, a group of twenty-minute student-written plays performed in various outdoor locations near the University of Cincinnati. 4th and Vine took place in Burnett Woods on the Chamber of Commerce building memorial. We used this as inspiration to tell the story of the Chamber of Commerce building from its conception to the fire that burned it down to the creation of the memorial. The play was formatted as scenes alternating from kids in modern-day talking about the events to flashbacks of the actual events. All of the speech and audio in the flashback scenes were prerecorded and played back during the show as if it were a radio broadcast. Because the flashbacks ranged from the late 1800s to the modern day, I used a series of processing and effects in order to indicate a change in time. This was largely a vocal recording and editing project. I was also able to be there and encouraged to help in the creation of the play, so it was very interesting to be a part of the collaboration and development of how sound can be deeply engrained in storytelling.

*The actors featured in these clips are Cyrus Fontenot, Rin Wallace, Rachel Jones, Reid Robison, Julianna Weis-Palacios, and Kevin Naddeo

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1911 Fire
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Ending Monologue
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