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The Laramie Project

Assistant Design

Sound Designer: Aaron Harris-Woodstein

Production Sound Engineer: Alex Brock

The Laramie Project was done in Corbett Auditorium at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music(CCM). The Laramie Project is a collection of interviews with the people of Laramie, Wyoming that tell the story of the murder of Matthew Shepard and the town of Laramie. 

For CCM's production, this was done in the spring of 2021, so due to Covid-19 it was not actually performed. However, from a technical perspective, it was fully fleshed out with a complete scenic, lighting, and sound design. In place of performers, we recorded actors speaking select scenes from the show and created a number of soundscapes to bring spatial information to life, alongside the lighting and media design. 

In my role as assistant designer, I had the opportunity to create several soundscapes from night sky to bar ambience. Our lead designer was somewhat inexperienced in larger-scale theatre, so I also had the opportunity to teach them software such as ArrayCalc and R1 and had a very active role in system tuning. 

The Laramie Project was also the first show I'd worked with fairly heavy emotional content. It was very challenging to confront this, especially as someone who queer prejudice has always been a subject that is very present in my life. However, the creative conversations that were had were very fulfilling, and how deeply I felt for the subject matter ultimately made this a very rewarding project to work on. 

Cue Samples
Bar Ambience
00:00 / 01:23
Night Ambience
00:00 / 03:09
Taxi Cue
00:00 / 00:32
Logic File

Bar Ambience

Night Ambience

Screen Shot 2022-12-04 at 10.58.53 AM.png

Taxi Cue

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