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Boom 2022


Co-System Design: Brenden Friedel

Co-Content Design: Kayla Chen, Brian Haack, Chris Berger, Corbin Hopkins, Geoffrey Mintz, Brenden Friedel, Frank Jerrnigan

Production Sound Engineers: Dani Silver, Alec Group

Team Lead: Geoffrey Mintz

Boom was done in Cohen Family Studio Theatre at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music(CCM). It is a biannual lighting show for CCM's lighting undergraduates to showcase what they learned in that year's class. They split into teams to design a ten-minute-long piece to the audio of their choice. CCM's sound undergraduates support this show as an opportunity to showcase their skills alongside our lighting students and have some fun along the way. 

For Boom 2022, the theme was immersion. In my system design, I took this into consideration by implementing a surround system. We utilized PanLab2 and Qlab to create a smooth, lively spatial experience. We had seven different sound designers working to create audio for each team, so seeing the creativity each of them brought to using this system was my favorite part of watching it come to fruition. As well as being done live in space, Boom 2022 was live-streamed. With "Ned the Binaural Head" we were able to record in binaural audio to translate this experience to those viewing online. 

As well as designing and programming the system, I was the lead content designer for one of the teams and the assistant content designer for another.











The theme of the piece was the battle between self-hate and self-love. We chose songs to represent each side and decided that we would go between the two as they were fighting, gradually swelling to a cacophony of sound, until finally, they made peace and the music became calm. This was a really fun challenge as I explored how to transition between songs, and how to make hard cuts feel natural to the story. 








The theme of this piece was immersing yourself into the world of music to escape our own world. The lead designer of this team, Kayla Chen, created the audio for each room and the transition between them. I helped to program an OSC file in order to pass an iPad around the audience and allow them to choose which door to go in and when. There was also quite a bit of timecode programming involved, as each door and transition had its own stream of timecode. 

Lighting/Media Design: Kate Ingram, Sydney Riddle, Kristen Peck

Automation Design: Mckenna Brennan

Lighting Design: Eli Suarez, Bella Pfieffer 

Media Design: Oliver Hunt

Speaker Plot

Logic File

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