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The Secret Garden


Sound Designer: Zach Ivans

Associate Designer: Eddy Mineishi

Assistant Designer: Hannah Werle

Production Sound Engineer: Bri Czatt

A1: Corbin White

20200304_Secret Garden_ml-4108.jpg

The Secret Garden was done in Corbett Auditorium at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music(CCM). This show had roughly a twenty-five-person cast, and due to the period-style clothing, required a bit of creativity with mic placement. The Secret Garden implemented an L' Acoustics L-ISA system, so in order to spatially track the cast, we utilized BlackTrax. As well as tracking and monitoring actors' mic packs, we also tracked and monitored their BlackTrax beacons. Due to the number of packs and the number in the cast, this involved quite a bit of swapping throughout the show. Coordinating that with both my mic crew and our design team was a very fun challenge.

RF Summary

Blacktrax Beacon Tracking

*Actor names redacted for personal privacy

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