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The Sound of Music

Sound Designer: Justin Stasiw

The Music Hall Head Audio: Ian Martin

The Music Hall Assistant Audio: Liz Hobbs

A2s: Finn Dowling and Tyler Quinn

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The Sound of Music was done through Ogunquit Playhouse at The Music Hall. It had a roughly 35 person cast and 8 person pit. It was mixed on a Yamaha CL5.

This was an interesting mix, as it often would be calm for a significant amount of time, and then suddenly jump into a very difficult few pages. This, as well as there being 7 children, made me think very creatively about how I assigned DCAs and used scene changes. This was also my first time mixing children. Finding a way to push them to an appropriate level without feeding back, and adapting to day to day changes in their vocalization was a very fun challenge and certainly kept me on my toes!

As well as mixing the show, I also had a lot of fun collaborating with The Music Hall sound team and helping to lead both the load in and load out of the show!

Mix Script
DCA Breakdown
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Privat Jones

Private Jones

Writer/Director: Marshall Pailet

Sound Designer: Jay Hilton

Music Director: Myrna Conn


Private Jones was done at Goodspeed Musicals. It had a 12 person cast and 4 person pit of drums/percussion, fiddle, guitar, and keys. It was mixed on a Yamaha DM2000.

Private Jones is easily my favorite show I have ever worked on, and one of the most challenging shows I have ever mixed. It is a new work that was in workshop for its entire run at Goodspeed. This meant we had rehearsals where often whole scenes and songs would be changed, added, or cut, and those changes would immediately be implemented into that night's performance. Quickly adapting to these changes was a journey at times, but being so deeply involved in the creative process at its core was incredibly fulfilling.

Mix Script

DCA Breakdown
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Little Shop

Little Shop of Horrors

Sound Design: David Gotwald

Sound Supervisor: Josh Brinkman

Co-Lead Engineer: Alec Group

A2: Colton Brodeur

Mix Script

Little Shop of Horrors was done at Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival. It had an 8 person cast and the challenge of mixing a live cast to a tracked band. It was mixed on a Yamaha CL3.

As one of two lead sound engineers at Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival, for the show I was responsible for mixing and at times A2ing. With there being two people mixing, it was a very fun challenge and collaboration to reach a consistent mix between the two of us and make sure that we were on the same page. Outside of the show, I was also responsible for leading prep, load in, strike, and maintenance throughout the season. I also helped to create a "sound bible" for the space, of which some work is pictured below.


DCA Breakdown

Screenshot 2023-06-19 at 4.47.58 PM.png
Patch Panel Plot


Sound Design: Corbin White

Assistant Design: Dani Silver

Production Sound Engineer: Geoffrey Mintz

Submix: Mia Teboe

A2: Patrick John Kiernan

Speaker Schedule


Pippin was done in Corbett Auditorium at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music (CCM). It had roughly a twenty-person cast and a twenty-five-person pit. It was mixed on a Digico SD10 for a d&b Soundscape system. Getting to know both Soundscape and the SD10 was a fascinating experience. There were also many changes made to the script for CCM's performance, and learning how to quickly adapt to changes and notate changes on the fly was a very fun challenge.

Mix Script
Control Group Breakdown
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Screen Shot 2022-11-21 at 2.06.42 PM.png

*Modified slightly to redact actor names for personal privacy

The 39 Steps

Sound Design: Matt Webb

Sound Supervisor: Josh Brinkman, Nate Tulenson

The 39 Steps had a four-person cast and was mixed on a Yamaha CL5 at The Hanna Theater for Great Lakes Theatre. I really enjoyed getting to work on and improve my dialogue mixing skills during this show. 

Mix Script
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